China Touts Organ Transplant System Condemned for Harvesting from Political Prisoners

China’s communist regime has been known for some of the biggest human right’s violations of any civilized country in the 21st century. None bigger than China’s use of unwilling political prisoners as organ donors for citizens who can afford it.

Excerpt from Breitbart:

The Chinese state newspaper Global Times is applauding the communist government in a column published Monday for its “fair” organ transplant system, in an article titled “Sound Legal System and Fair Distribution in China’s Organ Transplant Hailed by International Community.”
While the title promises hailing from the international community, the extensive article only includes one sentence about the acclaim China has allegedly received: “The system is also hailed by international experts, including Francis Delmonico, former president of The Transplantation Society and a Harvard Medical School professor.”

This is likely because, in reality, the international community has condemned China for decades as evidence has mounted that its “fair distribution” of organs has largely distributed organs from unwilling political prisoners to generously paying patients. While the article claims “China has made every effort to establish a sound legal system to eradicate organ trafficking and to guarantee that the organs are distributed in a fair and transparent manner,” reports published as recently as this year suggest that prisoners of conscience continue to experience medical testing consistent with organ donation searches and China continues to profit from the practice.

A study published in June 2016 found evidence that China did not document tens of thousands of organ transplants on a regional level, which means there is no record of where the organs in question came from. The study also found hundreds of Chinese hospitals that conducted organ transplants but were not certified by the government to do so. While China has insisted that organ farming from political prisoners is a thing of the past, surviving prisoners of conscience have testified to seeing organ harvesting in prisons in recent times.

Reading a story like this makes me thank God for the fact that I live in the United States of America. Can you imagine being forced to donate your organs to a rich donor with enough money just because you’re considered a “political prisoner”? Scary. This article also points out how government controlled media can be used to trick its constituents. The article claims that the program was hailed by the international community even though it only names one source for this.

China admitted to organ harvesting in 2015.

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