China Threatens US Over Taiwan–Looks Like They Know Biden Is Weak

China is getting more and more vocal about its plans.

China continues to threaten Taiwan and the US if they come to Taiwan’s rescue.

China is now saying the US will pay an “unbearable cost” if they aid Taiwan.

From Fox News:

The Chinese communist government is claiming that the United States will pay an “unbearable cost” for its aiding of Taiwan — the latest muscular rhetoric from Beijing over the U.S. policy toward the disputed territory.

“There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is part of China,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an interview with Xinhua. “This is an undeniable historical and legal fact. Though there is political antagonism between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait as a result of the civil war fought many years ago, China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has never been severed and will not be severed.”

Tensions have been rising between Taiwan, which China views as a breakaway province and as part of its own territory. The two countries split in 1949 and China has been increasing pressure on the self-ruled nation, while opposing its involvement in international organizations. The U.S. does not formally recognize Taiwan, but maintains an unofficial alliance and has adopted a policy of “strategic ambiguity.”

Beijing has been increasing its presence near Taiwan and has been sending dozens of warplanes towards its defense zone, coinciding with calls by President Xi Jinping for Taiwan to be brought into China as part of a “peaceful reunification.”

The Biden administration should be going after China for the COVID pandemic.

They should be going after China for their multiple human rights abuses and blackmailing of US companies.

Instead, they are letting China push them around.

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