China banning words “God”, “Bible”, and, “Christ” from textbooks

China has decided to ban the words “God”, “Bible”, and, “Christ” from their elementary school textbooks.

Asia News:

Words like “God”, “Bible” and “Christ” have been banned from a textbook for elementary schools. In an attempt to reduce adhesion to religions (and in particular to Christianity), or to submit them to forced “sinicization”, these words have been censored even in stories by foreign authors.

The publisher for the education of the people, linked to the government, printed a book at the beginning of the year for the pupils of the fifth grade, which contains four stories by foreign writers and different from classical Chinese authors.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Education, the book aims to offer students an understanding of other cultures. Unfortunately, however, the stories are manipulated to respond to the imperative of the Party to stifle any religious reference.

In the story of the “Little Fiammiferaia”, by Hans Christian Andersen, at a certain point, the child appears to her in vision the dead grandmother who tells her: “When a star falls, a soul goes to be with God”. In the “sinicizzata” version, the grandmother says: “When a star falls, a person leaves this world”.

Even the “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe has suffered censorship: shipwrecked on an isolated island, the adventurous protagonist manages to recover three copies of the Bible from the remains of the vessel in pieces. The new version eliminates the word “Bible” and says that Crusoe managed to save “few books” from the destroyed ship.

From the story “Vanka” by Anton Chekhov, a part has been eliminated telling of a prayer in church and the word “Christ” has been erased everywhere.

The censorship of Christian religious elements is also widespread at other school levels. In the universities there are professors who condemn the classics containing words concerning religion to censorship, and confiscate them. Among these are “The Count of Montecristo” by A. Dumas, “Resurrection” by Lev Tolstoy, “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo, etc …

All these operations respond to the directives launched by President Xi Jinping since 2015 , according to which religions, in order to live in China, must “become synonymous”, assimilate themselves to Chinese culture and submit to the Communist Party. The “sinicizzazione” is obtained by exalting the nationalistic patriotism and despising the “foreign” religions, such as Christianity.

According to observers, the campaign against Christianity is due to the fear that China will become the “most Christian country in the world” by 2030, as some sociologists expect (Fenggang Yang). At the same time, it is a way of protectingoneself from ideas such as democracy, human rights, justice, the rule of law .

This sounds a lot like the left, doesn’t it? They are constantly trying to tear down monuments that have any connection to Christianity.

The most interesting part of this story is what sociologists predict is the reason for the bannings. China is scared that too much Christianity would lead to people caring about Democracy, Human rights, justice and the rule of law.

Will any Democrats talk about this story?

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