Cartel truck in shooting had Texas license plates

A shootout between a Mexican Drug Cartel and Police left 22 dead, most of whom were criminals.


A gun battle between security forces and suspected cartel members in Mexico’s northeast state of Coahuila over the weekend claimed 22 lives, according to a statement from the government there on Monday.

Four police officers, two civilians and “16 criminals” are among the dead, according to the statement, which quoted Coahuila Gov. Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis. Authorities have revised the death toll upwards several times since the battle was first reported.
The lethal, hour-long battle broke out between security forces and suspected members of the Cartel of the Northeast in the town of Villa Union, about 40 miles south of the US border town of Eagle Pass, Texas.
Twenty-five vehicles, four with high calibers guns, numerous long range guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were also confiscated, according to the statement.
Images from the state government showed a local municipal building and police vehicle riddled with bullet holes.
Five minors were rescued and six members of the police were injured, the statement added.

Criminal groups have long sought to enter the state, Solis had said on Saturday.

“Organized crime, specifically the Cartel del Noreste, tries to get into Coahuila every day at some point, in one of its areas,” he said, adding, “Today they got in by force and with a contingent that is not like anything we have seen in a long time.”
But “we won’t allow organized crime to come to the area,” he said.

According to the NY Post, the truck had Texas license plates:

Another photo shows a bullet-damaged, partially-wrecked pickup truck with Texas plates. On the truck’s driver’s side door can be seen the letters C. D. N. — which stands in Spanish for Cartel of the Northeast.

The map shows that the area of the shooting is near the Texas Border as well.

Screenshot 2019-12-03 01.43.05.png

The Mainstream Press, of course, doesn’t focus on this aspect of the story. The Mainstream Press covers that the shooting occurred but not the real threats for the US in the story.

1: The Truck had Texas Plates. Has this truck been in and out of the US? Is this Cartel working in the US?

2: Just how close this was to the Border of Texas. This is another reason we need a Wall. Put this shootout closer to the US border and Americans on the other side could be hurt.

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