Brussels mosques have been taken over by the wrong people

    Brussels is just one of the many areas in Europe affected by Muslim extremists.

    In just the neighborhood of Molenbeek police have found 51 groups with links to terrorism. This neighborhood has been linked to almost every terrorist attack since 2000.

    The Mayor Yvan Mayeur had a lot to say in an interview with Belgian Newspaper De Morgan

    “Everyone knows that all mosques in Brussels are in the hands of Salafists,” Mayeur said “We need to change this, we need new mosques that follow our democratic rules and that are being controlled by the government.”

    If Mayeur employs this tactic, he will receive heavy backlash. These Muslims do not adhere to the democratic rule that is seen in Belgium.

    Both of these groups that have taken over mosques are of a very fundamentalist or extreme type. They are strict enforcers of the Quran and Muhammad’s preachings. In fact, the very reason for the Salafist reform was anti-European colonization. So do you really expect the people who have listened to the anti-west rhetoric almost all their lives to simply leave their leaders behind and go to a government run mosque?

    Of course, they won’t.

    This is just asking for more to become radicalized and with that more Jihad. This issue could’ve been prevented. Had these countries taken care of their borders these extremists would have no support group. Instead, they let them in and now it is spreading like a disease through Europe.

    The fix to this has to come from within the Muslim religion. They must not believe the radical beliefs being spread and instead stand up against these extremists. They must join the Muslims who want to reform the religion and kill the cancer that has infiltrated the Religion.

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