CNN’s Brian Stelter attacked Sarah Sanders after it was announced that she was stepping down from The White House to spend more time with her family.

This is just more proof that the Media hated Sarah Sanders. The Mainstream Media has no interest in covering her or the President fairly. Since Stelter won’t do it I will give you the truth about what Sarah Sanders will be remembered for.

Sarah Sanders will be remembered for being a fighter against the Media that hated this country. Sarah Sanders will be remembered as a Press Secretary that walked into the Lion’s Den every day and came out having one. The attacks on her looks were despicable. She was shouted out of restaurants and the elites detested her as a liar. Through it all, she never stopped fighting. While Stelter will be remembered as a loser who did the bidding of the establishment Sarah Sanders will be remembered as the Press Secretary who stood up when America needed a Press Secretary who was willing, to tell the truth.

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