Breaking: Jared Kushner failed to disclose business dealings with George Soros

According to The Wall Street Journal, Jared Kushner failed to disclose that he was business partners with George Soros in a real estate finance company.

George Soros is a multi-billionaire who has been caught funding extreme left-wing activist groups across the globe.

Soros is no friend of Trump’s. In an Op-ed for Soro’s wrote:

“Democracy is now in crisis,” “Even the U.S., the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.”

“Although Trump has toned down his rhetoric since he was elected, he has changed neither his behavior nor his advisers,” “His Cabinet comprises incompetent extremists and retired generals.”

Donald Trump, we have warned you that Kushner is nothing but trouble for your administration. I wrote just last month on the dangers that Kushner poses to your agenda. There is no option left but the immediate termination of Kushner from your inner circle. He and your daughter are clearly only opponents to your nationalist agenda. Part of draining the Swamp comes in the form of making sure the people around you aren’t members of the Swamp.

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