Braynard: 97% Of First Time No ID Ballots Were Fraudulent In Wisconsin

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More bombshells from the stolen 2020 election.

The War Room brought on Matt Braynard to talk about his by state analysis of election fraud in the 2020 election.

During the interview, he talked about Georgia and Arizona.

He also brought up a new state.

That state is Wisconsin.

According to Braynard, 97% of the first time no ID ballots in Wisconsin were fraudulent.

Braynard said there were 160,000 of these ballots cast.

Steve Bannon then brings up another shocking point.

Steve Bannon claimed that even moderate Republicans in Wisconsin know that this election was stolen by clerks in Wisconsin. This begs the question.

Why are they doing nothing?

The Palmieri Report previously reported on the election issues in Wisconsin:

WI Elections Commission Report: Over 54K “Indefinitely Confined” Voters In WI Never Showed ID

Here is the full interview:

Biden “won” Wisconsin by 20K votes.

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