Trump Threatening To Campaign Against RINO Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

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Trump is targeting another RINO.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump is telling his allies behind the scenes that he is willing to travel to campaign against Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R).

Doug Ducey allowed for the 2020 election to be a mess in Arizona.

From The Far-Left Daily Beast:

It’s April 2021, and Donald Trump still can’t get past his grudge with Republican Gov. Doug Ducey for refusing to overturn the 2020 election results in Arizona.

The ex-president is still so bothered by Ducey’s refusal to try to throw out Democratic votes in Arizona that he’s told associates he would gladly and personally spoil any of Ducey’s future political plans.

In recent weeks, the twice-impeached former president has gone so far as to tell some close associates that if Ducey decided to run for Senate and managed to lock up the Republican nomination in 2022, he would consider traveling to Arizona to campaign for Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, according to two people familiar with the ex-president’s private rantings.

Trump has also issued multiple statements hammering Doug Ducey.

In his most recent statement, he called on Ducey to protect the audit into Maricopa County with either the National Guard or State Police.

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