According to a new report from The New York Times, John Kelly called for no refugees to be admitted into America.

This past summer, the Trump administration debated lowering the annual cap on refugees admitted to the United States. Should it stay at 110,000, be cut to 50,000 or fall somewhere in between? John F. Kelly offered his opinion. If it were up to him, he said, the number would be between zero and one.

Mr. Kelly’s comment made its way around the White House, according to an administration official, and reinforced what is only now becoming clear to many on the outside. While some officials had predicted Mr. Kelly would be a calming chief of staff for an impulsive president, recent days have made clear that he is more aligned with President Trump than anticipated.

Although the Trump administration decided on admitting 45,000 refugees(lowest since Reagan) that doesn’t mean this isn’t huge news. It is clear that Trump has surrounded himself with people who do support his agenda.


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