Book: Melania Trump has sharp political instincts, got Trump to run for President

According to a new book by Ronald Kessler Melania Trump is more influential in The White House than previously thought.

New York Post:

“Donald Trump understands that they are problems and has said to them, ‘Maybe you should go back to New York,’” Kessler said. “…He certainly isn’t going to fire a family member, so they remain the Teflon aides.”

The book credits first lady Melania Trump for sharp political instincts, wielding influence behind the scenes and getting Trump to agree to launch his presidential campaign.

“She got him to run,” Kessler said. “He was sort of pussy-footing around about running and she said, ‘You have to declare your candidacy.’ And that’s what happened.”

At the White House, the first lady will sit in on meetings with cabinet officers and disagree with Trump, he said.

“Her judgment is spectacular,” said Kessler, who then quipped about her model looks. “And we have pictures of her as well, which will certainly sell a book.”

As for outgoing communications director Hope Hicks, Kessler said she pushed the “Fire and Fury” book along with Bannon.

“I don’t think that shows her judgment is that wonderful,” Kessler said. “Everyone loves her. She’s very enthusiastic about Trump, but to me that is not a good sign.”


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