“Bill Did You Say This?”–New Book Outlines How Trump Unloaded On AG Barr Over Voter Fraud

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More on the inside battle between Trump and Bill Barr over voter fraud. 

According to a new book by Washington Post reporters Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker, Trump and AG William Barr got into a heated argument after Barr’s interview with AP.

In the interview, Barr claimed there was not enough fraud to overturn the results of the election.

From Business Insider(bias warning):

“Bill did, you say this?” Trump asked in a “sharp and quick” manner, according to the book.

After Barr confirmed that he had indeed made the statement, Trump questioned him again.

“How could you say this?” Trump said, according to the book. “Why didn’t you just not answer the question?”

The president raised his voice and peculiarly began to speak in the third person.

“There’s no reason for you to have said this!” he said, according to the book. “You must hate Trump!”

With OANN in the background, Trump “started yelling” and “was so angry his words came out like spit,” according to the book.

Trump then pointed to the television screen, as OANN was discussing election conspiracies that Pennsylvania backdated late-arriving ballots, as well as allegations that Fulton County, Georgia, illegally added ballots to their tally. Barr told Trump that the Justice Department reviewed the claims and found no evidence that such events occurred.

Now, of course, this book is anti-Trump so they want Trump to look as bad as possible.

But months later we now know Trump was right to mad.

The DOJ did not formally look into these claims.

The DOJ did not stand up for election integrity.

Private Investigator Claims AG Barr Told Him To Stop Investigating Election Fraud

Trump Releases Letter Showing AG Barr Pressured PA US Attorney Not To Investigate Voter Fraud

Barr claimed he looked into fraud.

Why didn’t they find this?

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