Biden’s fitness for office is a threat to US safety

An OP-ED in The Washington Examiner laid out how the health of FDR hurt the US at the end of World War 2.

The Washington Examiner:

Seventy-six years later, history is repeating itself. Any neutral observer can see that Joe Biden’s mental acuity is a serious question mark. Biden’s public appeareances repeatedly provide evidence of cognitive decline. He is easily confused, he stumbles over his words, and at times he seems not to even know where he is. Now that Biden will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee, questions about his health should be front and center. But instead, the liberal media is circling the wagons and trying to create a narrative that it is immoral or conspiracy-mongering even to raise the issue.

The actual conspiracy is the one by the media to dismiss any inquiries into Biden’s capacity to serve as president. The same thing happened in 1944. Refusal to confront Roosevelt’s diminished capacity would later have serious and dire consequences. In February 1945, a dangerously ill Roosevelt traveled to Yalta to meet with Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin to discuss the future of post-war Europe. At Yalta, FDR effectively surrendered Poland and most of Eastern Europe to the Soviets. During the conference, Roosevelt lacked the stamina to keep up Stalin, and the agreements they reached reflected the poor state of FDR’s health.

Yalta should serve as a warning to what can happen when a president is materially unfit, physically or mentally, to serve in office. Biden’s health should and must be an issue, if not the key issue during the campaign. We mustn’t let history repeat itself.

Joe Biden’s fitness for office is a threat to the safety of the US. There is no question that Joe Biden is not fit to be President. We have seen his numerous gaffes and just instances of him seemingly not having a clue as to what is going on.

Can you imagine if Joe Biden was President during this Coronavirus crisis? Can you imagine Joe Biden being the one we need to rely on to keep us safe?

Biden will be a weak ineffective leader that will be controlled by the deep state establishment. If we can see how weak Biden is mentally then so can foregin leaders.

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