Biden’s Disapproval Jumps

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Americans are starting to catch on.

According to two polling trackers, Joe Biden’s disapproval continues to rise.

From Newsweek:

President Joe Biden’s disapproval rating has seen an uptick, coming as focus shifts away from COVID-19 relief and moves toward the situation at the southern border.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s tracker, based on weighted averages of different polls, his disapproval rating is at 40.2 percent. This had been 36 percent following his inauguration.

Real Clear Politics’ tracker has his disapproval rating at 41.9 percent, having similarly started at 36 percent back in January.

The president still maintains majority approval though, with the two trackers putting this at 53.8 and 52.9 percent respectively.

Now, it is important to look at the trend and not the raw number.

We know that almost every poll skews left.

But we now see that even in left-leaning polls Biden’s disapproval is rising.

This trend will continue as well. The more that comes out about is border crisis. The more that comes out about his lack of fitness for the job the more Americans will turn away from him.

The Palmeri Report previously reported on how Biden’s poll numbers were being inflated:

Baris: Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Inflated

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