Biden’s Approval Plunges Seven Points In 3 Days–Lowest Ever!

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The bad news continues for Joe Biden.

His approval just hit 46% in a Reuters/IPOS poll.

That is the lowest it has ever been.

His approval in this poll was 53% on Friday.

The poll was taken on Monday.

From The Daily Mail:

President Biden’s approval plunged seven points to its lowest level so far in a poll published on Tuesday, as voters said his handling of the Afghan war was worse even than President George W. Bush.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was taken on Monday, when Biden faced growing anger at his decision to stay away from the White House through a weekend when the U.S. embassy in Kabul was evacuated and Taliban fighters closed on the Afghan capital.

The national opinion poll found that 46 percent of American adults approved of his performance in office, marking his lowest level in the poll since he was inaugurated.

On Friday, the same poll put his approval rating at 53 percent.

Although polls no question oversample Biden the trend is important to look at.

If Biden continues to trend downward his political capital will continue to fall.

Biden is nothing more than a lame duck at this point.

There is no bottom to Biden’s approval.

This can get bad.

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