Biden Lashing Out At The Media As His Presidency Falls Apart – Is He Trying To Bully Them Into Not Criticizing Him?

The mainstream media is the reason Joe Biden is in the White House. They covered up for him all throughout the campaign and then refused to do any reporting on the 2020 election steal – in fact, they smeared those who did expose it.

When Biden took office they continued to be a cheerleader for him. They spent all their time bashing Trump and refused to report on crisis after crisis that was coming. Had they reported on them they may have been avoided.

It seems this has officially changed. The media is beginning to turn on him.

Is The Media Turning On The Biden Administration?

A few days after our report a bombshell report came out saying that Biden is privately yelling at mainstream media outlets over their coverage.

From Breitbart:

Biden spoke with reporters on his way to California for the Summit of the Americas, even as some of the leaders of prominent Latin American countries refused to attend.

The establishment media has grown more skeptical of Biden’s efforts to help reduce inflation, lower gas prices, and solve the baby formula shortage that has plagued his administration.

To be clear the media will likely go back to being Biden’s cheerleader as the midterms approach. They are not honest, they are political operatives. Biden knows this – that is why he is telling them to start being propaganda for his administration.

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