Biden Has Signed 52 Executive Orders In First 20 Days

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Biden continues to sign executive orders.

In his first 20 days, Biden has signed 52 Executive Orders.

From The Daily Wire:

By February 1, Joe Biden had signed an unprecedented 42 executive orders in just the first few days of his administration. These included executive orders which looked to expand socialized medicine, provide taxpayer funding for foreign abortions, destroy American energy jobs, rejoin meaningless and counterproductive international agreements and organizations, further the promotion of ahistorical mischaracterizations of the United States, and to call for transgender rights in school sports — to name a few.

Despite Biden’s use of the executive branch to bypass the legislature since entering office— after reaching the White House while calling for national unity — the new president has continued to add to this list. Since the beginning of February, Biden has signed an additional nine executive orders and actions, putting his running tally at an unbelievable 52 executive orders and actions after just 20 days in office.

He is setting records!

Biden Sets Executive Order Record…3x Last 4 Presidents Combined

Remember when everyone said that Joe Biden was a moderate?

It is clear that Joe Biden is run by the radical left. They put radical executive orders and he signs them.

What a joke.

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