Biden Admin Making Those Entering US Legally Get Vax But Not Illegal

The Biden administration continues to put illegal immigrants ahead of everyone else.

The Biden administration announced that legal travelers entering the US  through Mexico and Canada must be vaccinated.

However, the Biden administration is not forcing a vax requirement on those who enter the US illegally.

From Just The News:

In lifting restrictions on non-essential travel to the U.S. from Mexico and Canada this week, the Biden administration announced that foreign travelers attempting to enter the U.S. legally from those nations would need proof of COVID-19 vaccination — even as the administration allows illegal entrants to remain in the U.S. with or without vaccination.

The announcement of mandatory vaccination for these legal travelers comes after the administration has released over one million illegal aliens into the U.S. without requiring COVID vaccines as a condition for entry.

Under the DHS rules, none of those attempting to enter the U.S. legally will be allowed entry if they can’t show proof of COVID vaccination.

Meanwhile, the thousands illegally entering the U.S. on a daily basis by simply walking across the Rio Grande River are to be allowed to remain in the country — with or without vaccine passport — under a new DHS policy that being in the U.S. illegally is no longer sufficient grounds for arrest, even though criminal under federal law.

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