The BBC is suggesting that October has been President Trump’s most successful month ever, which doesn’t bode well for Democrats expecting a major “blue wave” in November.

In an BBC article published on Tuesday, author Nick Bryant said Trump was experiencing a pattern of achievements with the new NAFTA deal, a bipartisan opioid initiative, his recent dealings with the media, the best jobs market in decades and by giving the Supreme Court “a decisive conservative majority.”

“His crowning achievement, though, was getting his second nominee onto the Supreme Court, giving America’s highest court a decisive conservative majority for the first time in decades,” he wrote. “That alone instantly gives Donald Trump a legacy.”

“Come 2050, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh could still be on the court, maybe sitting alongside other Trump appointees.”

The BBC article is noteworthy given that the outlet in general isn’t very friendly to Trump; in fact, Bryant is also critical of the president later in the piece.

But overall, the article indicates that Trump has momentum on his side leading up into critical midterm elections, which is good news for a president who’s currently on a campaign blitz, holding rallies for thousands at packed stadiums across the country.

“October is a month when America has come to bear more of the president’s personal branding. There’s more talk of a ‘Trump economy,’ a ‘Trump Supreme Court,’ a ‘Trump GOP,’” Bryant added. “…Certainly, the president is delivering on core promises made during his campaign: on trade, on the travel ban, on lowering taxes, on elevating social conservatives to the federal bench, on crippling the group calling itself Islamic State (IS), on moving the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv, on conducting a very different kind of presidency, unrestrained by historical norms.”

The BBC also pointed out that Trump’s official approval rating is very similar to that of Reagan, Clinton and Obama during this point of their presidencies, and the outlet noted that all three were two-term presidents.


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