Bannon Exposes Fox News – “Murdoch’s Sons Hate MAGA”

Steve Bannon didn’t hold back calling out Fox News.

During an interview with John Fredericks Bannon unloaded on Fox News calling it the “network for stupid people.”

Bannon pointed out that Rupert Murdoch’s sons are Trump-haters and hate the MAGA movement.

Fox News has been terrible on election fraud, the Ukraine war, and vaccines.

He did point out that there are good hosts on the network – Tucker Carlson and Jesse Waters.

From The Star-News Network:

Bannon: Remember, it’s the Murdochs. Even when Ailes was there, I was very close to Ailes. The Murdochs call the shots. And the kids, the two sons are poisonous and the wives of the two sons are uber poisonous. They’re totally woke.

Murdoch’s sons hate MAGA, they hate Trump. They hate the Deplorables.

Anybody in this audience from Georgia to Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania station to Georgia to Virginia, to anybody getting online throughout the world, just understand they detest you and think you are an idiot and spoon-feed you idiocy because they’re controlled opposition. They’re globalists. They couldn’t get more corporatist than the Murdochs.


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