At Least Two Dozen Lawsuits Have Been Filed Demanding Ivermectin Be Given To COVID Patients

The media’s narrative on Ivermectin is failing.

At least two dozen lawsuits have been filed demanding hospitals give ivermectin to COVID patients.

*We cited the Hill in this article, they did not accurately report on ivermectin calling it “a deworming drug.” Ivermectin has been approved by the FDA.(They put that lower in the article)*

From The Hill:

There have been at least two dozen lawsuits filed around the U.S. demanding hospitals give ivermectin, a deworming drug, to COVID-19 patients, The Associated Press reported.

The lawsuits follow much of the same format; families have gotten a prescription for the drug, but hospitals refuse to use it on the patients, many of whom are on a ventilator, close to death, the news outlet noted.

Many of the lawsuits are filed by Ralph Lorigo, an attorney in Buffalo, N.Y. who says doctors “are not gods because they wear white jackets,” adding that he takes issue with the choice not to use ivermectin on patients, according to the AP.

He also said hospital administrators are the only ones able to make the decision.

Ivermectin has been widely successful in Indonesia.

AMAZING: COVID-19 Cases in Indonesia Plummet After Government Authorizes IVERMECTIN For Treatment

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