“Arizona Is The First Domino That Will Fall”- AZ GOP Chair Kelli Ward Speaks Out On Arizona Audit

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Another update on the Arizona audit. 

Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward went on Newsmax to talk more about the audit taking place in Arizona.

She pointed out that these audits are a necessity to ensuring that the American people have confidence in our elections going forward.

She also brought up another interesting point.

According to Dr. Ward, Arizona is going to be the first domino to fall.

She predicted that more “will look into irregularities, abnormalities, mistakes and potentially outright fraud”.

From Newsmax:

She also insisted that the audit is “not a Republican audit,” but one for Arizona and the country, and said it will serve as a precedent nationally.

“Arizona is the first domino that will fall and then other states will look into irregularities, abnormalities, mistakes and potentially outright fraud that happened in their states as well,” Ward said. “We want great legislation based on objective information that is provided by this audit, and that is going to happen with the state legislature that we currently have, which is a Republican-controlled House, Senate, and the governor, so we should be able to get some very, very good strong legislation to protect election integrity and restore voter confidence in our state, and we hope we can lead the way for the nation.”

The Palmieri report previously reported on fraud in Arizona.

According to Peter Navarro, there are 254,722 Possible Illegal Votes In Arizona.


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The Palmieri report also reported on Boris Epshteyn saying that a “freight train” of audits are coming. 


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