“Are Our Elections For Sale?”–Wisconsin Election Probe Zeroing In On Dem Machine

The battle for election integrity is heating up in Wisconsin.

The election probe in Wisconsin is now focusing on the Democrat machine and how rule changes and big money donations helped the 2020 steal.

Senator Rand Paul responded to an article expressing what is going on in Wisconsin by asking “are our elections for sale?”

From Just The News:

Move over Arizona and hold on Pennsylvania, the next election integrity investigation to take center stage is occurring in Wisconsin, where a former state Supreme Court justice empowered by the Legislature to compel testimony and document production is gathering steam.

Interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, officials and lawyers who have interacted with retired Justice Mike Gableman and his staff suggest a strong focus on the role election bureaucracies played in changing the rules — without legislative consent — for how ballots were sent out, filled out, collected and counted.

The commission in 2020 altered numerous state voting rules and procedures during the pandemic, often without seeking legislative permission. The changes range from allowing nursing home staff to help fill out resident ballots to giving permission to election clerks to fill out missing witness information required for absentee ballots.

Those two changes alone affected thousands of ballots in a state in which Joe Biden was declared the winner with a narrow margin of just 20,600 votes.

Perhaps even more consequential, the commission gave its blessing to an idea first conceived by election clerks in the blue counties of Dane and Milwaukee that voters could claim the normally rare status of “indefinitely confined” if they were too scared to go out during the COVID outbreak. The change allowed nearly 250,000 people to vote by absentee without complying with required voter ID rules.

Gableman also has signaled a focus on Wisconsin’s big blue urban areas of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay. Those five voting metropolises accepted more than $6 million in unprecedented donations to their election coordinators and judges in 2020 from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a nonprofit funded almost exclusively by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The money, which also went to other major voting jurisdictions across America in 2020, has provoked enormous controversy, as Just the News has previously reported. First, the so-called Zuckerberg bucks allowed a single billionaire to route his money outside the normal campaign finance system to election referees.


In 2020 249,769 people sought “indefinitely confined” status.

In 2019 that number was only 72,000.

Back in December, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that only people with disabilities and infirmities could claim “indefinitely confined” status.

This was after the election was already over and nothing has been done to rectify these counted votes.

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