Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out in support of Donald Trump’s impeachment during an interview on Yahoo News.

This shows us the Democrats plan on pushing impeachment whether the Russia Collusion narrative was true or not. To this point in Trump’s Presidency, there is nothing that could resemble an offense worth impeaching him over. Of course, impeachment is political so the Democrats don’t need to make a legal case for impeachment. Luckily to this point, the Democrats have nowhere near the needed votes to get Trump out of office.

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2 thoughts on “AOC comes out in support of Trump impeachment”

  1. They’re no different from socialists before them as history tells us, and even present-day. They need to dictate. They need power and they won’t give it up. Presidential impeachment is a factor of socialism which is now in function together with destruction of the opposing party. It’s the transitional state between capitalism and communism.

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