Anti-Trump journo turns on Mueller “has a lot to answer for”

Anti-Trump journalist and council on foreign relations member Anne Applebaum turned on Robert Mueller claiming he has a lot to answer for because he didn’t investigate President Trump’s Russian business ties.

You have to love the fact leftists turned on Robert Mueller because he couldn’t deliver them any dirt on President Trump. Do they actually believe that all of the actions President Trump regarding Ukraine has to do with him having business dealings with Russia? (Which he doesn’t)

I will go point by point with Applebaum’s claims and show how none of it has to do with any business dealings between President Trump and Russia.

“His inexplicable dislike of the Ukraine”: 

Can anyone find me one example of President Trump having an “inexplicable dislike of Ukraine”? President Trump simply wants answers to questions regarding Ukraine. He wants them to investigate corruption within their own government. Why should we give money to a country that is so corrupt?

It is pretty obvious that President Trump has no issue with Ukraine and all he wants in an ally that can be trusted.

“Obsession with disproving overwhelming evidence of Russian interfering in the election in 2016”:

This is another pretty bad point. The reason President Trump cares about this is because the left and deep state have used it to remove him from office. It is the left who has an obsession trying to prove collusion between Trump and Russia while denying the overwhelming evidence that many in the intelligence community committed crimes to keep President Trump out of office. We also have the fact they refuse to acknowledge Ukraine’s impact on the US election. The DNC worked with the Ukrainian embassy as a way to get Hillary elected.

“his suspicion of US officials who work on Russia”

I don’t really know what this refers to but my best response is simply why should Trump trust the intel community? Every day we find out more and more the illegal wrongdoings of some of these people. He is right to be skeptical of these officials.

Let this serve as a lesson to those who might want to work with the Deep State and radical left. Once you are no longer needed they will turn on you and try and destroy you. Applebaum knows everything I outlined above and it is sickening that she continues to peddle these lies.

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