Ann Coulter: “I’m 100 Percent for deporting dreamers First”

In an interview with Larry O’Connor, Ann Coulter wasn’t scared to let her feelings known on the fact Donald Trump is talking about amnesty for DACA kids.


The one thing Trump should remember, especially now that he’s under attack I mean more than I think ever before, is he has the power to overcome all of this. I mean, he could sell Ivanka merchandise from the White House, he could refuse to be in the White House, he could govern from Mar-a-Lago, if he would just build the wall and deport illegals, starting with the DREAMers.

I’m 100 percent for deporting DREAMers first. The order should be DREAMers, then felons, and then you know just random illegals as they come to our attention. We can be discretionary on that. But DREAMers, number one. [Emphasis added]

At least the felons, they’re not indignant. They’re not going on TV saying ‘How dare you delay in giving me amnesty, we demand you forgive our law-breaking.’ Oh, the DREAMers are the worst of all. So I put them in line for deportation before the felons. Then we’ll get to the MS-13 members. You’re regular illegal alien, the ones not going on TV every night and demanding amnesty, they’re actually really sweet and hard workers. I’ve always said that about … illegal aliens. They’re so friendly and they really do work hard. So nobody really minds them, it’s the DREAMers who have to go first. [Emphasis added]

While I disagree with Ann on the DACA issue she makes great points. The fact that people here illegally are currently in the streets demanding something from Citizens of America is ridiculous. I support Amnesty for only the 800,000 DACA kids as long as we get nearly the entire immigration reform package in return. Luckily recent reports are showcasing that The White House is planning on that.

Report: White House standing firm on DACA deal

Ann is strong in her stance on immigration but as a political move, DACA is a very smart one for Trump. Donald Trump will be able to get nail a major campaign promise with immigration reform and also win over those who are currently on the fence as to support him again.

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