North Korea is willing to talk, America must take advantage of it

    For the purpose of my piece, I’ll only give what I deem as important. I encourage everyone to read the actual article as well So let’s begin with where the talks stand as of right now. The North Koreans seem to feel like they can talk to Donald Trump and his administration. Obama’s policy of “strategic patience” was one that angered North Korea. They felt it was a heinous attempt to suffocate their policies.

    Trump and his administration have said nothing about how they plan to deal with North Korea. They have stated they are going to handle them but not in detail how. The North Korean officials are still waiting to be issued Visas so they could enter this country.  North Korea is a country that poses a threat to the entire world. They are continuing to advance in their knowledge of Nuclear technology and they treat their people as garbage. They don’t allow any outside media into the country and don’t allow any of their citizens to leave the country. They are brainwashed into believing that Korea is the greatest place on earth and are forced to worship Kim Jong-un. Kim lives in the finest of establishments, eats the finest food and has total rule over the country. Meanwhile, his people starve and are forced into a life of fear of their ruler. Kim has grocery stores stocked with food, malls stocked with clothing and he keeps the main cities in tip top shape. To the outside observer, it may seem as if North Korea is a perfect place to live. In reality, people are told that the food and clothing is unavailable to buy and the outskirts of these cities are where the poor are forced to live.

    I beg the State Department and Trump to accept this meeting. This may be the only chance for a change to be witnessed in North Korea. Trump needs to call them in and let them know America is not playing around. They must abide by U.N rules when it comes to their nuclear program. They must take care of the numerous glaring social injustices we see in North Korea or prepare to deal with the consequences. President Trump, you pride yourself on being a great negotiator, you pride yourself on being able to handle foreign policy without being a pushover, this is a perfect chance to show us just how good you are.

    Also, keep in mind the initial meeting will likely not be with Trump. The initial meeting will be between officials on both sides and then as relations get better the two leaders will get together.

    Washington Post article:


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