Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple fighting for WORLD’S most valuable company

Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are in a three-way battle for the world’s most valuable company.



Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are in a tight race for the title of world’s most valuable public company. The three have tossed around the title over the past few trading days, each closing with a market cap over $860 billion. Microsoft surpassed Apple in market cap on Friday, only for Apple to overtake it again on Monday. Amazon briefly eclipsed both companies during intraday trading Monday. As of Monday’s close, Apple took the lead with a market cap of $877 billion. Amazon followed at $866 billion, then Microsoft with $860 billion.

The horse race between these tech giants has intensified as the tech sector has seen an upswing from October declines and following the White House’s announcement of a 90-day trade truce with China on Saturday. The stocks have been closely watched since August, when Apple became the first publicly traded company in the U.S. to reach $1 trillion in market cap. About a month later, Amazon reached the same milestone before markets closed, ending the day just below the $1 trillion mark.

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