AM JOY PANEL: Gun owners hold ‘creepy worldview’, thankfully they’ll ‘die off’

    On Joy-Ann Reid’s show on MSNBC, her and her guest had some extremely disgusting rhetoric regarding gun owners in America.

    So, I guess we can start with the blatantly false talking points first. Joy-Ann Reid brings up Chicago. She talks about how Conservatives have never been there and misrepresent it. As we previously reported Chicago alone made up for 10% of Americas Mass Shootings. We have also reported that gang members have gotten their hands on body piercing ammunition. If that wasn’t enough here is an excerpt from a Breitbart article from last year.


    Gun-controlled Chicago surpassed 600 homicides for each of the past two consecutive years.

    The city first surpassed 600 homicides in 2016, when it witnessed nearly 800 dead and approximately 4,400 shooting victims.

    American Military News reports that there were 609 homicides in Chicago “as of Monday,” November 20. That represents a slight improvement over this same time last year, when the city sat at 711 homicides, yet it is far deadlier than the 443 homicides the city had witnessed by this same time in 2015.

    We can now move onto the two claims by Kurt Bardella.

    Vegas Shooter was a White guy who showed no signs:

    Exactly. This exact admission by Kurt proves Conservatives point on Gun Control. Background Checks aren’t perfect and the idea that they would stop all Gun Crime is ridiculous. The problem with the shooting is that it was an evil man who committed an evil act and blame should be put on that. Good guys with guns in an area make the chance for survival much higher for everyone in the area. As we have noted in the past since 1950 98% of U.S Mass Shootings have occurred in Gun-Free Zones.

    Conservatives sites attack illegal aliens crime but blame the system when they are white:

    False. In both cases, Conservatives blame the system. We blame the illegal aliens who committed the crime on the fact that they were allowed in this country, to begin with. That is the same as when the Parkland Shooter committed his shooting Conservative media rightfully blamed the FBI and Local Law enforcement for not doing their job. In neither case did Conservative Media blame the weapon because it is the person who commits the act.

    We can now move onto the last and most disturbing part. That is the fact that Kurt says he is happy Pro-Second Amendment gun owners will ‘die off’. Obviously, this is not true. All studies have shown that Generation X will be the most Conservative Generation since WW2. We also know that this issue is not a very popular one. With so many Americans supporting the right to bear arms, even Democrats struggle to back gun legislation.


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