All we ask for is evidence that Trump colluded with Russia before America freaks out

    Since Donald Trump was elected the progressive left, mainstream media, and deep state have attempted to delegitimize him. They have protested on every major issue and love to use broad evidenceless accusations to attack him. They call him racist, sexist, fascist and try to claim he “hates” the earth. Now, these things are nothing new for Presidents. Every President who has ever been elected has faced resistance such as this.

    What no other President has faced is the evidence-less witch hunt that is the Russia-Trump collusion narrative. This narrative is a direct threat to our Democracy. Here is why.

    The anti-Russian narrative began by establishment Republicans trying to destroy Trump before the Republican primary. Once Trump won the Republican Primary bid they decided to no longer investigate and The Democrats took over. They hired a former MI6 Christopher Steele to put together this Dossier. Now, this Dossier claims that the Russians have damning evidence on Donald Trump and that’s why they can now control him. This Dossier has been proven to have no basis in reality.

    An opinion piece from Paul Roderick Gregory:

    There are two possible explanations for the fly-on-the-wall claims of the Orbis report: Either its author (who is not Mr. Steele) decided to write fiction, or collected enough gossip to fill a 30-page report, or a combination of the two. The author of the Orbis report has one more advantage: He knew that what he was writing was unverifiable. He advertises himself as the only Kremlin outsider with enough “reliable” contacts to explain what is really going within Putin’s office.

    As someone who has worked for more than a decade with the microfilm collection of Soviet documents in the Hoover Institution Archives, I can say that the dossier itself was compiled by a Russian, whose command of English is far from perfect and who follows the KGB (now FSB) practice of writing intelligence reports, in particular the practice of capitalizing all names for easy reference. The report includes Putin’s inner circle – Peskov, Ivanov, Sechin, Lavrov. The anonymous author claims to have “trusted compatriots” who knew the roles that each Kremlin insider, including Putin himself, played in the Trump election saga and were prepared to tell him.

    The Orbis report spins the tale of Putin insiders, spurred on by Putin himself, engaging in a five-year courtship of Donald Trump in which they offer him lucrative real estate deals that he rejects but leaves himself open to blackmail as a result of sexual escapades with prostitutes in St. Petersburg and Moscow (the famous “golden shower” incident). Despite his reluctance to enter into lucrative business deals, Trump “and his inner circle have accepted regular intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals,” according to the Orbis report.

    Now, this fake dossier should have been thrown into a fire and never looked at again. Instead, never Trumper John McCain put the Dossier on Former FBI Director James Comey’s desk. The FBI then paid Christopher Steele $50,000 dollars to confirm the Dossier. Even though Steele couldn’t verify the Dossier Comey still used parts of it to broaden the investigation.

    The investigation really began to hit the public eye when Micheal Flynn was forced to resign due to the fact he lied to Mike Pence about discussing “Sanctions” with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Now, Flynn did nothing wrong by discussing these sanctions.

    Video: Obama discusses sanctions with Russia before election


    The media attempts to paint this as somehow the slightest bit of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. What he did do wrong was lie to Mike Pence about speaking with this Ambassador. Pence stuck his neck out to defend Flynn and embarrassed him when it turned out he was lied too. This was the reason Flynn resigned not that he did something so evil. I also ask people to look at what Speical Prosecutor Robert Muller is currently doing in this investigation. Muller is currently broadening his investigation into Flynn by looking at his dealings with the Turkish government. This shows me one thing. Robert Muller found nothing that would tie Flynn illegally to Russia so he moved onto his ties to Turkey. This is nothing new. History has shown us that Special Prosectors always seem to find a crime. They might be asked to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia but end up prosecuting someone on his ties to Turkey.

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    We then have to look at Jeff Sessions. Sessions has made a few mistakes. He lied about talking to the Russian’s and now people are turning that into the fact he did something wrong. Yes, Sessions talked to the Russians. No, that isn’t illegal.

    In recent weeks Kushner has become the media’s new favorite target. It began when Kushner was mentioned as a “focus” in the investigation. “Focus” means nothing. There is no indication Kushner is a target of the probe and there are no allegations he committed any wrongdoing. Yet that didn’t stop the mainstream media from creating a false narrative in an attempt to bring turmoil to the Trump administration. They printed Fake News claiming that Kushner wanted to create a backchannel with Russia. Days later this report turned out to be false. The funny thing about this report is that even if it was true it would be no big deal. Incoming administrations using backchannels is nothing new. Kennedy used a backchannel, Nixon used a backchannel and even Obama used a backchannel. I discovered this by doing less than 3 minutes of research, The mainstream media realizes the general population doesn’t realize this though. They turned “backchannel” into a dirty word in an attempt to turn a nothing burger into a story. Also, keep in mind the fact that the supposed talks took place after Trump was elected. If Trump and Russia truly colluded together wouldn’t a backchannel have already been set up? Common sense goes a long way in showing just how bad the mainstream media has become.

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    The final major piece is the controversy surrounding Roger Stone and Carter Page. Both of these men have had their names dirtied by this witch hunt. They call them Russian agents and use false narrative to tie them to Russia. So, why is it that neither of these guys has been allowed to share their side of the story in front of either committee? That is because both of these men have done nothing wrong. They are merely being used to prolong the Russian Narrative and once these men testify the baseless attacks will be revealed.

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    The media and Democrats love to throw around the phrase “collusion” but offer zero proof of how or why. It is not illegal to talk to the Russians. It is not illegal to have financial ties to the Russians. Trump and Manafort both of ties to Russia. This isn’t something that was hidden, this is known information. They are using this known information to create false hysteria to derail Trump’s agenda.

    If Trump rigged the election then I would be the first to call for his impeachment. The issue is that there is zero evidence to back up that claim. All I ask is that America takes a deep breath and stops with the nonsensical blabbering over Russia. The left and mainstream media are currently walking off a cliff with a rope tied around their neck. If they continue to make claims without evidence they will only hang themselves.

    Don’t believe me that there is no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia? Watch these Democrats admit to it:


    Watch: John Sununu destroys Russian Narrative:


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