73% Of Republicans Support Electoral College Challenge


A new poll found that 73% of Republicans support challenging this election.

The Washington Examiner:

More than 7 in 10 Republicans support efforts by Republican House and Senate members today to challenge the controversial Electoral College votes of several states in a bid to reelect President Trump.

Rasmussen Reports survey found that 73% of Republican voters support the challenge to President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College Victory.

Several dozen House and Senate members plan to challenge the electoral votes for three to six states, claiming fraud was involved and that the legislatures of those states did not also approve the votes, a United States constitutional requirement.

In the latest evidence that the 2020 election split the nation further apart, the challenge effort nearly matches the view by Republicans that Biden did not win fairly. Rasmussen said that 69% of Republican voters do not believe he won fairly.

This number would be even higher if the RINOS in the Republican party didn’t work overtime to attack President Trump.

The party supports it. The voters support it.

The republican establishment is showing they don’t care about you.

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