52-year-old disabled woman repeatedly raped by asylum seekers

A new report from The Voice of Europe showcased  a very troubling story a 52-year-old disabled woman being repeatedly by asylum seekers.

Voice of Europe:

A 52-year-old woman, with multiple disabilities, was gang raped by at least two asylum seekers at the Hartheim Institute near Alkoven.

The shocking incident, that already happened in September last year, gained new attention after the perpetrators could not be found. According to the police the woman was forced into sexual activity by two, or even three, asylum seekers. She was raped several times.

The victim was taken to hospital after she told her caregiver what happened. She received treatment for light injuries and DNA samples were collected as well.

The Hartheim Institute is originally a home for mentally impaired people, but it houses 40 asylum seekers as well. The investigating authority confirmed that they are looking for the perpetrators in the neighbouring asylum accommodation.

A spokeswoman of the region’s prosecutor said: The woman is still suffering from the consequences of this horrific act:“She can barely talk”.

Another truly disturbing story of the dangers posed by asylum seekers and refugees. The left and the Mainstream Media refuse to cover the fact that not everyone that is ‘seeking asylum’ is someone with the best interest of the country they are joining in mind. This was a disabled woman who now will be scared for the rest of her life.

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