4 reasons Sheriff David Clarke needs to be the next FBI Director

    The Democrats are all wound up in Russian-narrative hysteria over the firing of now Former FBI James Comey. Yes, they are complaining about the firing of a guy who they have all called out as “unfit” to run his position. Well whether they like it or not a new FBI Director will be put into place.

    Here are 4 reasons why the next FBI Director needs to be Sheriff David Clarke:

    1. He would work hard to “Drain the Swamp”

    Everybody knows the Deep state runs through all branches of our government. Party lines are a mere illusion to the real politically corrupt system that lies in the shadows. This corruption thrives within the intelligence communities as well. Sheriff Clarke knows all about that corruption.

    In October 2016 he sent out a tweet that speaks to this:

    Clarke would also purge the FBI of all Obama holdovers that threaten to leak hypothetical information in order to delegitimize Trump.

    2. He holds radicals accountable:

    We are all tired of watching “hate groups” get away with burning inner cities to the ground. Groups along the lines of Black Lives Matters that are nothing more than homegrown terrorist groups. Clarke is an outspoken critic of them and will do everything in his power to make sure they get the cold hard justice they deserve.

    This same mindset will pertain to ISIS and illegal immigrants that have committed crimes in America. Clarke will have no issue using the full power of the FBI to see the demise of growing threats within our country.

    3. He will expose the Obama Surveillancegate scandal:

    While the bias media hypes Russia-Trump collusion. The real media outlets are focusing on the bigger story with more actual facts. That is the illegal use of domestic and foreign intelligence agencies in an attempt to destroy and delegitimize Donald Trump. We have covered this in such detail I get tired of continuing to cover it. If Clarke comes into office he will be able to uncover just what illegal things went down at the FBI over the course of the 2016 Election and hold those who did wrong accountable.

    Check out our coverage of Surveilancegate:

    Video: Susan Rice won’t testify under oath. Here’s why she should be forced to

    4. Hillary will be thrown in Jail:

    Yes, under Clarke Hillary will pay for her political crimes. Just three days ago Sheriff Clarke made this exact bold statement.

    Donald Trump has a chance to shake up the swamp in a big way with his nomination for FBI Director. Now there is no doubt Sheriff Clarke would meet steep resistance from Social Justice Warriors and the deep state in congress alike but Trump needs to start sticking it to them.  Sheriff Clarke is a risk Donald Trump must take if he wishes to begin the dismantlement of the deep state.

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