250 migrants still heading for the U.S Border from caravan

New reports are putting a number to the number of migrants still traveling to the U.S Border as part of the now infamous migrant caravan.


The remnants of a migrant caravan of Central Americans that angered President Donald Trump continued their journey north through Mexico toward the U.S. border Wednesday. Organizer Irineo Mujica, speaking from the western Mexico city of Guadalajara, said about 500 migrants had been riding trains north since departing Mexico City last weekend. The caravan that left the Guatemala-Mexico border in late March grew to more than 1,000 migrants who found safety travelling in numbers.

In Mexico City, Mujica had said the capital was the caravan’s last official stop, but many of the migrants feared going solo on the dangerous final leg north and decided to keep travelling en masse. Some who had split off to press on alone reported back about kidnappings and having their papers for safe passage torn up.

“That caused the group to regroup,” he said.

Mujica said they were headed for Tijuana, where about half planned to go to the border to request asylum in the U.S.

The Trump Administration’s DHS Secretary thanked Mexico for dealing with the larger crisis but this new report outlines that there still are some coming to the border. As we reported CNN interviewed migrants on a bus traveling through Mexico and they all claimed to be traveling to America. Trump has called for Governors in border states to use the National Guard to protect the border. 

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