18 years after 19 Islamic Terrorists took the lives of 3000 Americans terrorist groups remain stronger than ever according to testimony to the House Homeland Security Committee.


In written testimony prepared for a House Homeland Security Committee hearingTuesday, Thomas Joscelyn from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) think-tank told lawmakers:

Al-Qaeda is far from dead. Despite triumphalist claims about the organization’s supposed demise, al-Qaeda is a global terrorist and insurgent organization. Indeed, al- Qaeda’s loyalists are probably fighting in more countries today than ever before.


Joscelyn told the House panel:

The Islamic State [ISIS/ISIL], al-Qaeda, and allied groups are fighting or operating across an enormous amount of ground, stretching from the remote regions of West Africa, through North and East Africa, into the heart of the Middle East, and all the way into Central and South Asia.

The FDD expert acknowledged that the Taliban controls and holds sway over more territory now — about half of Afghanistan — than during any other time since 2001.

U.S. troops removed the Taliban regime from power at the end of 2001, soon after invading Afghanistan in response to the attack on America that year.

Joscelyn testified:

The Taliban currently contests or controls more ground than at any time since 9/11. Americans’ frustration with the war effort is well-placed. … A number of regional or international terrorist organizations fight under the Taliban’s banner today, and there is no indication that the Taliban will truly break with them.

Members of the Taliban and their al-Qaeda counterparts remain tight in Afghanistan, Joscelyn pointed out.

“The Taliban remains closely allied with al-Qaeda, and this is not likely to change as a result of any [peace] agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban,” he declared.

This shows just how much of a failure our foreign policy has been in response to 9/11. The bottom line is that both the Bush and Obama Administration failed to weaken the terror group. The US has had victories like the killing of Osama Bin-Laden but that did nothing to stop their growth. As they gain territory they gain people for them to recruit. Every country they move to they put another country at risk of falling to Islamic Radicalization.

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