1,400 ‘No-Go’ Zones For UK Ambulances, Attacks on EMTs Skyrocket


Over 1,400 locations across England have been red-flagged as ‘no-go’ zones for ambulances without police escort, as the rate of violent attacks on paramedics has risen to a staggering eight per day, according to UK media.

More than 2,800 emergency medical personnel were attacked while on duty in 2017, up 36 percent in the last five years, latest data reveals.

“Paramedics are being stabbed, throttled, and sexually assaulted as shameful new figures show assaults on crew members have risen by a third,” the Mirror reports.

“About eight serious attacks a day take place on NHS ambulance crews and more than 1,400 homes in England are now red-flagged as ‘no-go’ areas without police protection.”

A list of injuries suffered by paramedics in London includes dislocations, fractures, asphyxiation, severe burns, concussions, and even spinal cord damage.

Union leaders are blaming politicians for cutbacks in funding, leading to a severe shortage of personnel, as well as police support.

“These terrifying figures underline that ambulance workers, along with all those who work in the emergency services, are forced to work under an increased threat of violence,” said GMB union national secretary Rehana Azam.

“Cuts in funding mean our ambulance workers are more likely to be working alone. Cuts to police services mean back-up isn’t always there.”

Incredibly, the vast majority of perpetrators reportedly do not face legal consequences for assaults upon EMTs.

The crisis facing British emergency services highlights the effects mass immigration can have upon safety, security, and infrastructure as crime continues to rise while the government’s capacity to properly enforce the law and tend to the needs of its citizens diminishes.

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