Zoo Gives Skunks, Another Animals COVID Shots

A zoo in Florida is now giving animals COVID shots.

From CBS Tampa:

We all know that people aren’t the only ones that can catch COVID-19, animals can too! ZooTampa recently announced they will be vaccinating some of their animals in an effort to protect them against the virus.

Officials at ZooTampa say they have a full list of species that are most susceptible to COVID-19, and that’s the order they are going to go in to vaccinate every animal. One of the first species to get vaccinated is called the binturong and zoo officials say they are monitoring each animal closely after vaccination.

Dr. Cynthia Stringfield is ZooTampa’s animal health expert and says “We’re learning more every day because more studies are being done and more cases are happening, which people have heard about in other zoos.”

Dr. Stringfield ays as of Thursday, the zoo started vaccinated animals most susceptible to COVID-19, at the top of the list are orangutans, lemurs, binturong, tigers, and skunks.

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