YouTube Fined Over $100K For Censoring Lockdown Protest Video

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A German court just dealt a blow to YouTube.

YouTube was fined $118,000.

They fined due to the fact they removed a video of a COVID lockdown protest in Switzerland.

From The Washington Examiner:

YouTube was fined ´´´´100,000 euros (around $118,115) over the weekend in a German court for removing a video of a coronavirus lockdown protest in Switzerland.

After the Dresden Higher Regional Court in Germany ordered an injunction directing YouTube to restore the video in April 2020, the video platform ignored the ruling for nearly a month before complying on May 14, a “deliberate and serious violation,” the court found, according to free speech group Reclaim the Net. YouTube told the court the video needed to be removed because it violated the company’s “medical misinformation policy,” which YouTube has expanded since the outset of the pandemic to remove content that includes claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict health authorities’ guidance. The court reportedly rejected this argument.

Sunday’s fine “appears to be the highest on record in Germany,” the group added.

“With the historically high fine, the Higher Regional Court makes it very clear that court decisions must be observed without restriction, regardless of whether YouTube assumes a violation of its guidelines or not,” Joachim Steinhoefel, the reported attorney for the operator of the channel that owned the video, said, according to a Google translation. The name of the YouTube channel was not readily apparent.

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