Wyoming Voters Call Out Liz Cheney – “Not Going To Get Re-Elected”

The backlash against Liz Cheney is fierce and it is growing.

Liz Cheney has decided to rarely visit Wyoming and instead host most fundraisers among those in Washington DC.

When she does go to Wyoming she is making voters pay to see her.

Trump voters aren’t happy with her and have let their feelings known about it – one even letting Cheney she was “not going to get re-elected.”

From Politico:

What Cheney doesn’t know — until now — is that a band of Trump-loving Republicans will be on hand to greet her. They snapped up roughly a quarter of the 350 tickets, at $10 apiece, to give the embattled congresswoman a piece of their minds.

“I was here when the … Democrats dragged her father’s effigy down a village road behind a truck at one of their rallies, and those are the people who are supporting her now, that she’s embraced,” an angry Rebecca Cloetta, 66, said over breakfast at a greasy spoon called the Virginian.

“Can you believe it? Charging for a ticket! It’s a slap in the face,” said Rebecca Bextel, 41, another Trump-backing Republican planning to attend the voting event. “We have one person representing us” — Wyoming has a single House member — “and she shows up in town and it costs $10 to see her. It’s embarrassing.

“She is not,” Bextel vowed, “going to get reelected.”

“She was absolutely invited to come and present what her facts were, to defend why you are doing this and instead she opted to call the Republicans radicals, which has made people upset within the party,” Martin said from the Jackson mansion of Nancy Donovan, a prominent Republican donor in Wyoming.

“She’s not in the state, she has not been anywhere, maybe one or two places,” Donovan echoed. “She doesn’t show up … she’s very entitled. Her parents have events at their house, I’ve spent money to go to her house to fund her. … I truly will never vote for her again.” Donovan and Bextel are both members of Hageman’s grassroots leadership team.

45th President Donald Trump has backed Harriet Hageman who is currently primarying Liz Cheney.

Only Democrats are now embracing her.

A straw poll taken in Wyoming found Cheney down big to her primary challenger.

From Axios:

Harriet Hageman, the GOP primary candidate endorsed by former President Trump to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), won a straw poll held by Wyoming Republican State Central Committee on Saturday, per the Casper Star Tribune.

Why it matters: Hageman won 59 votes, while Cheney only amassed six, according to the Star Tribune. The vote comes eight months ahead of the GOP contest. Although it has no bearing on the primary, it shows Cheney is still facing backlash from within her own party.

Cheney faced widespread criticism from Republicans after voting to impeach Trump and was ultimately removed from her leadership position in the House.
Only 71 of 74 members of the committee voted in the poll, three of which are Hageman’s family members, the Star Tribune noted.

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