WOW! NBA Player Comes Out Against Vax Mandates

Enes Kanter recently changed his name to Enes Freedom.

One of the first things he did was call out LeBron James over his ties to China.

NBA Player Calls Out LeBron–Points To China Ties

He is now taking a stand on another important issue.

During an interview with Will Cain, Enes Freedom came out against vaccine mandates.

From The Federalist: 

Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter Freedom said he changed his mind on COVID-19 vaccination after one of his teammates pulled him aside and asked why he didn’t support personal freedom after giving a speech encouraging everyone to get the jab.

“He basically like called me out. He’s like ‘listen, you just changed your last name. That is what you said on that interview is everything you’re against, everything you stand for.’ And I stopped for a second, I think I was like ‘you know what, you’re right.’ You know, people should obviously vaccine yes, you know, save lives … but people should have freedom to choose if they want to get a vaccine,” Freedom said on The Will Cain Podcast on Wednesday.

Freedom said he is vaccinated and recently tested positive for COVID-19 after getting his booster shot, but he doesn’t believe NBA players will support a booster shot mandate.

“Players will not do a [booster] mandate, I believe. Because players are going to stand up and say ‘this is against freedom,’” Freedom said. “I know some of my really close friends around the league, there’s no way you can make them do anything like that because that’s their body, that’s their choice. … I know some of the players like the one that I talked to, there’s no way you can make him do anything and that’s his body and you have to respect that.”

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