Wisconsin Election Investigation Finds Fraud–Number “Almost Certainly Exceeded” Biden’s Victory Margin

The media’s election fraud narrative continues to fall apart.

According to a Wisconsin, election investigation found that the number of votes “that did not comply with existing legal requirements exceeded Joe Biden’s margin of victory.”

Bizarrely, the election investigation claimed widespread fraud didn’t occur and that it was likely Biden did win.

From Epoch Times:

The number of votes cast illegally in Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election almost certainly exceeded Joe Biden’s nearly 21,000-vote margin of victory, a newly released investigation concludes, but the report found no evidence of widespread fraud or an unexpected or illegal late-night ballot dump that thrust Biden to victory.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, a conservative public-interest law firm in Milwaukee, released results of a 10-month investigation that included a review of 20,000 ballots, an examination of 29,000 absentee ballots, the filing of 460 open-records requests, and scrutiny of more than 65,000 documents. The report (pdf) identified many problem areas with the election but stressed it found no fraud or reason to believe that improper ballots were cast with malice or ill intent.

“When large numbers of voters question the authenticity of an election, their concerns, whether valid or not, need to be addressed,” the report said. It noted that an August 2021 Marquette University Law poll found 70 percent of Republicans and 26 percent of Independents had a lack of confidence that “the votes for president were accurately cast and counted in last year’s election.”

Among the report’s major conclusions:

  • It is “almost certain” that the number of votes “that did not comply with existing legal requirements exceeded Joe Biden’s margin of victory.” This conclusion does not mean Biden did not win the election among eligible voters, “but the questions of fraud and unlawful processes are related.”

  • “There was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. In all likelihood, more eligible voters cast ballots for Joe Biden than Donald Trump.” An analysis of voting patterns and the 2020 results “does not give rise to an inference of fraud.”

  • The “widespread abandonment” of proper election procedures “raises questions regarding the fairness of the process and the possibility for voter fraud that might not otherwise be detected.”

  • Security vulnerabilities that could be exploited should be addressed by “reasonable reforms” that could reduce potential problems “without unduly burdening the right to vote.”

  • Private funding of election operations, primarily from a nonprofit group funded by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, “had a partisan bias and impact.”

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