Where Is Biden’s Vax Mandate?

The Biden administration seems to be hiding something.

Three weeks after they announced they would be using OSHA to institute a vaccine mandate on employers with 100 or more employees we are still yet to actually see the regulation.

The mandate still has not been issued to OSHA.

From The National Review:

On the menu today: Three weeks after President Biden announced that all companies with 100 or more employees would have to enforce a vaccine mandate or weekly testing, there’s still no sense of when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will actually issue the regulations; two Morning Jolt readers offer different perspectives on New York state’s vaccine mandate from the view of a patient and the view of an administrator; and the Albany Times Union notices a curious loophole in the state’s vaccine-mandate law.

Seven days ago, this newsletter noted that President Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers had not yet been issued by OSHA, two weeks after Biden announced the new policy.

A week later, not only has OSHA not issued the rule, but the Biden administration apparently has no idea when the federal agency will issue the new regulations.

“This ETS is expected to be the most far-reaching standard ever issued by OSHA, and public input will be critical,” the Coalition wrote. “Numerous trade associations, which are member organizations of the coalition, have reached out to us with questions their members have posed regarding the ETS and related implementation. Many of these questions are detailed and nuanced. OSHA should consider these questions and seek written input on a draft standard from stakeholders before issuing any ETS. To do otherwise invites avoidable implementation challenges and costs that would undermine the effectiveness of this ETS achieving its goals.”

GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene warned employers who are following the mandate already that they should stop discriminating immediately because lawsuits will be coming.

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