What Is Going On With The CISA Report On Voting Machines?

CISA dropped a bombshell report on the vulnerabilities that are in voting machines that were used in the 2020 election. (The report did claim that none of the vulnerabilities were used in the 2020 election)

Below is as much info as I could find on the report from various sources:

From Liz Harrington on Truth Social:

The government agency that declared (without evidence) 2020 the “MOST SECURE ELECTION IN HISTORY” says, actually, the machines are vulnerable

Including the ability for bad actors to “print an arbitrary number of ballots without authorization” !!!

CISA says Dominion machines used in at least a dozen states are susceptible to forgery, malicious code, and attackers can gain administrative access and “perform privileged actions”

From Trending Politics:

A highly anticipated report issued Friday by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, also known as CISA, is providing official documentation of the major security flaws posed by Dominion Voting Systems Machines. It comes nearly two years after the 2020 presidential election, which the agency had called the “most secure election in history.”

While the CISA report states that it has “no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections,” it nonetheless highlights at least nine concrete, alarming security vulnerabilities. The CISA report was issued based on the analysis of J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, and Drew Springall of Auburn University.

The report states that the security advisery affects the following versions of the Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast X software are known to be affected (other versions were not able to be tested): ImageCast X firmware based on Android 5.1, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A and ImageCast X application Versions and, as used in Dominion Democracy Suite Voting System Version 5.5-A.

The vulnerability overview lists nine different security concerns. It is important to go beyond the advisery document itself to get a clear picture of the vulnerability. The security vulnerabilities justify the concerns of election observers who pointed out that admin rights could be used to override security features and that the system could potentially be hijacked due to “spoofing.”

HUGE: CISA Releases Much-Anticipated Report on Dominion Voting Machines – Reveals Software Is Exploitable and Attackers Are Able to Insert Malicious Code to Alter Results


Steve Bannon spoke out on the report in a GETTR post:

Very important to read thru the Report — you will see immediately why Wapo as railhead for Regime Media was leaked this document a week ago— you can now understand why they have dumped dozens of articles on how ‘BUT nothing happened in 2020’ …and why they released it @ 5pm on a Friday in June …

Why was this NOT released BEFORE the Georgia primary; why NOT last year


Click to watch the full video

Good questions asked here by Bannon. The timing of this shows they knew it was a bombshell but want to bury it.

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