“We’ll See”–GOP House Leader Speaks Out On Punishing RINOs Joining Pelosi

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Earlier today, The Palmieri Report reported on a push within the GOP to punish RINOs who worked with Pelosi’s sham Jan 6th committee.

GOP Wants To Punish RINOs Who Joined Pelosi’s Sham Jan 6th Committee

Now, we have this. 

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy said “we’ll see” when asked whether or not RINOs serving on Pelsoi’s sham Jan 6th committee will be punished.

He branded them “Pelosi Republicans.”

Cheney responded:

This response should not be a “we’ll see.”

Liz Cheney is directly opposing what her voters elected her to do.

There is no reason she and Kizinger are sitting on any committees.

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