Kamala Harris Motorcade Went Right Past Jan 6th Pipe Bomb

The Palmieri Report previously reported that Kamala Harris was inside of the DNC when the pipe bomb was found outside. 

Report: Kamala Harris Was At DNC When Pipe Bomb Was Found Outside

We now have more information.

It turns out not only was she at the DNC but she drove right past where the pipe bomb was located.

From Just The News:

Kamala Harris, then the vice president-elect, drove just a few yards away from a pipe bomb lying next to a bench outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters on January 6, 2021. Harris then remained inside the DNC for close to two hours before the bomb was discovered, according to a CNN report based on accounts of law enforcement officials.

CNN reports that Harris’s motorcade arrived at the DNC at roughly 11:30 am the morning of January 6. The parade of cars drove through the building’s garage near where the pipe bomb was eventually found. Harris’s movements on January 6 were not previously known until earlier this month when Politico reported her presence at the DNC.

On the one-year anniversary of the Capitol breach, in a speech, Harris said she had been at the Capitol complex receiving a brief in her capacity as a U.S. Senator on the morning of January 6.

The DNC pipe bomb, and a matching bomb at the Republican National Committee – which is located just block away – were discovered around 1:00 pm on January 6, just as a crowd began to breach the complex. Neither device detonated before being neutralized, but the FBI had made it clear that both bombs were viable.

Despite Law Enforcement going hard after Jan 6th attendees, the January 6th Pipe Bomber is still unknown — almost nothing is known about him.

What Happened To The Jan 6th Pipe Bomber?

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