“We Did Find Large-Scale Fraud”– AZ GOP Chair Calls For Full Canvas

The fight for election integrity continues. 

AZ GOP Chair confirmed that the audit in Arizona did “find large-scale fraud.”

She then called for a full canvas of not only Maricopa county but also all 50 states.

From Breitbart:

Dr. Kelli Ward, chair of the Arizona Republican Party, called for a canvassing of votes from the 2020 presidential election in all 50 states during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

Votes cast in Maricopa County, AZ, should be canvassed in an audit to verify their legitimacy by comparing their identities and methods of voting with their associated voters, Ward held. She also called for submitted ballots to be verified by cross-referencing their linked voters to voter rolls.

She observed, “A full canvas of Maricopa County — and really of every state — needs to be done, because we need to ask voters at the door — ‘Did you vote? How did you vote? Not who you voted for — no one cares who you voted for — Did you vote? How did you vote?’ — and then match them to the rolls of who did vote according to every single county.”

She remarked, “In Arizona, we did find large-scale fraud. We found over 23,000 ballots that were cast by people who didn’t live at those addresses , and that was a conservative estimate. … [These were] people that did not have the same last name of anyone living in that home, because they said there are some kids who go to college, but they still use that same home address. These are people that are not living in those homes, at all.”

“The top line media spin from the left [and] from the propagandists — that want you to think that Joe Biden is a legitimate president, and that the people that are serving with him are in a legitimate administration, not an illegitimate regime — is crazy, because they’ve recounted fraudulent votes in an effort to pretend that he actually won the election in Arizona,” she stated.

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