WATCH: Compilation Of Joe Biden’s Gaffes…From Just This Week!

The Washington Free Beacon put together a hilarious compilation of gaffes by Joe Biden from only this week.

It is amazing how Joe Biden can have this many gaffes in just one short week. He barely leaves his basement so it is pretty clear from this compilation that every time he leaves his basement he is sure to mess up not just something but most of what he does. Watch this video, share this video. This man is not fit to be President of The United States.

However, these gaffes aren’t what scare me the most. What scares me the most is the lack of honesty Joe Biden displays. I’m not talking about small things. Everyone fibs about small things especially in politics. I’m talking about the big things. Joe Biden will look you straight in the eye while your cities are burning and tell you they aren’t. Joe Biden will push hoaxes that are easily debunked by video available to everyone. Simply put Joe Biden and his handlers will do anything to get power.

Joe Biden is a threat to the safety of all law-abiding Americans. Laugh at his gaffes but never forget how dangerous his presidency will be.

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