Washington State Senator Goes Missing After Getting COVID

Doug Ericksen, a Washington State Senator, contracted COVID during a trip to El Salvador this fall.

On November 11th he sent an email to lawmakers saying he had gotten COVID.

He said he was traveling from El Salvador to Florida so he could get antibody treatment for the virus.

He has not been heard of since reaching the hospital in Florida.

From Newsmax:

A Washington state senator critical of Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s vaccine mandates is reportedly missing for weeks after contracting COVID-19 during a trip this fall to El Salvador.

Washington State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, was last reported to have been flown to a hospital in Florida, but that is where the trail goes cold on his status, the Seattle Times reported.

Ericksen wrote to his colleagues in November, informing them he was positive for COVID-19 in El Salvador, needed monoclonal antibodies to treat the infection, and he had contracted a medevac flight to a Florida hospital to recover.

Colleagues and his staff said the family would provide further information, but “multiple” attempts to reach them by the newspaper have not yielded a response or more information, the Times reported.

His legislative assistant said that she had no information right now.

From The Hill:

Multiple sources and people close to Ericksen, contacted by reporters, explained they have heard nothing about the senator since his disappearance, per the Herald.

“I really don’t have any information. It’s all going through the family now,” Ericksen’s legislative assistant Sandy Ruff told the newspaper.

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