“Violation Of Arizona State Statutes”–AZ GOP Writes Commentary On AZ Audit

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AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward wrote a commentary on AZ GOP.com regarding the Arizona audit.

It is a must-read.

From AZ GOP:

The full forensic audit in Maricopa County has already shown that there were thousands of duplicated ballots without required serial numbers stamped on them. These duplicated ballots are made when an original ballot is damaged in some way sufficient to not be counted by the tabulation machines. It is only by having matching serial numbers on originals and duplicates that one can verify that duplicates accurately reflect the voters’ wishes.

Not having the serial numbers is a violation of Arizona State Statutes (A.R.S. section 16-621), and even the Arizona Elections Procedures Manual (p.202). The Procedures Manual was published by current Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, one of the harshest critics of what has come to be known as “America’s Audit.” She seems wholly unconcerned that State law and her own manual were violated, and has been defensive and antagonistic in her tone as she works against the will of the People. True to form, the mainstream media does not ask her about it. Elections are too important to leave up to the Electocrats, and America’s Audit is holding them accountable.

Click to read her full write up

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