VAERS: 13-Year-Old Got Heart Inflammation/Heart Block After Taking Pfizer Vax

A post in the Vaers system revealed that a thirteen-year-old girl suffered heart inflammation and heart block after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

The post also shows the parents asking the CDC if they should give their daughter the second dose of the vaccine.

From Vaers:

To Whom it may concern Hello CDC, This is regarding our daughter. She had heart inflammation and heart block after taking Pfizer Vaccine on 14th May and this case was already reviewed by another department so we are not including all the technical details again here. Pfizer is the only foreign object went into her body and we were staying inside our home during the vaccine period. We are very concerned at the moment as we are not sure whether to take additional vaccine or keep ourselves isolated as our daughter has not yet taken the 2nd vaccine. We need some guidance on the next steps please. Could you please help ? Our daughter got into syncope episode just before bed time so we were able to rush her to nearby emergency otherwise should would have died, This news has been spreading on social media and we are trying our very best to avoid press requests as we keep getting calls from media about this incident. We are just worried about our daughter and trying to take the next best steps with CDC help. Concerned Parents

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